It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

In the movie, Forrest Gump (starring Tom Hanks), Forrest is in a bar with Lieutenant Dan and two of his friends on New Year’s Eve — at the stroke of midnight, “Long-limbs Lenore” uttered these now-famous words: “Don’t you just love New Year’s? You can start all over. Everybody gets a second chance.”
That’s exactly true when it comes to the human body. It doesn’t matter how unhealthy your lifestyle has been… and it doesn’t matter how much junk food you’ve eaten, how much alcohol or recreational drugs you’ve consumed… how much pollution you’ve been exposed to… or whatever you’ve done to compromise your health, youthfulness and vitality.

Your miraculous human body allows you to erase the health sins of your past… and you can start over with a clean slate. Every day is like New Year’s Day!

Your body’s amazing self-regenerating ability gives you a second chance to build a brand new, healthier body — if you’re willing to give it the nutritious raw materials it needs to rebuild itself into the new and improved version of you!
When you give your body a daily dose of Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood, it’s like renovating your body the way someone would renovate an old house that has seen better days.

Remember the words that started Mister B on his journey of renovating his body and his health: Your body tomorrow is what you put in it today.

When you flood your body everyday with the 8 most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world — chlorella, moringa, spirulina, cacao, maca, wheatgrass, acai and camu camu — what kind of body do you think you’ll have in one week… one month… one year?

You be the judge. But remember the words of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine: “Let food be your medicine, and let your medicine be food.” There is almost no health problem or disease that food cannot help. The day will come when your doctor will say: “Take 2 glasses of this superfood… and call me in the morning.”

But only if… that food is nutrient-rich, raw and organic. Drink your way to optimum health with Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood!