Coconut oil can be defined as a liquid substance extracted from mature coconut flesh.

It is extracted by drying, chopping and crushing the fleshy white part, adding a little water, and then using a cold expeller press to collect the oil.

It has a melting point of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you store them outside the fridge, they may become liquid.

Coconut oil contains a unique blend of fatty acids and minerals, making it suitable for your health and beauty.  

A very important health benefit of coconut oil is that It helps a lot in losing body weight because it consists of the so-called triglycerides.

Most of the oils we consume are triglycerides, which are hard to use and thus they end up being stored on hips.

The triglycerides in coconut oil are mediocre, because the molecules are smaller, act as carbohydrates in the body and are used faster than their long-chain counterparts.

This results in improved energy and metabolism process in the body.

It also promotes cardiovascular health by preventing the development of high-cholesterol related diseases like atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Unlike any other saturated fatty acids, they do not have a negative effect on the body, especially in blood cholesterol levels, as they are easily metabolized by the body.

Using coconut oil provides the body with protection against viral (influenza, herpes), bacterial ( Listeria monocytogenes) and protozoal (Giardia lamblia) infections.

It is a source of lauric acid, lauric acid is then synthesized by the body into Monolaurin, which provides human bodies with immunity against the infections mentioned above.

Another health benefit of coconut oil is that it improves our body’s ability to absorb minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, the two minerals vital to the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

Oil from coconut can be used as a very useful moisturizer, mainly for dry skin.

Ladies love it because of its anti-ageing properties, coconut oil helps to prevent slackness and wrinkles of the skin.  Coconut oil helps in preventing hair loss. The natural vitamin E content of this oil, the capric and lauric acid helps to maintain hair nourishment and strength and it also protects it from the effects of ageing.

Coconut Oil is saturated and heat stable so that it doesn’t get damaged when you cook with it, and it does not oxidize so no free radicals are getting into our bodies destroying their healthy cells.

You can cook with it, bake with it, and mix it up for dressings and other healthy treats.

When you want to cook with it, all you have to do is, place the jar in warm water to get it from its solid form to liquid form.

Then measure the required amount in recipes and use them instead of other cooking oils.  As an added advantage coconut oil makes food test better. It is easy to include in all your recipes simply by replacing them with each other cooking oil.

Also, It does not have to be refrigerated.

It lasts for years, without expiring.