The answer is Yes, so, If you don’t have Blueberries you should go and get some right now, The properties for this berry where known to the Native Americans, but it wasn’t until early 1900 that they were produced commercially, and we can be thankful for that, since these little drops of sweet and blue health have several benefits on your body… and your mind.

This aptly named “superfood” appears to do almost anything, from protecting your DNA, to improve your Brain function AND your hearth Function. Here you have some of the benefits of consuming blueberries on a daily basis:

1) Blueberries are FULL of antioxidants: This amazing fruit is full with Anthocyanins and polyphenols both of them are incredibly powerful antioxidants, making the blueberries one of the best potent natural antioxidant available.

2) Blueberries Protect against DNA damage and Aging: remember that the blueberries are packed with antioxidants, well, happens that those antioxidants are great to stop something that occurs millions of times in our cells every day the “oxidative stress”, preventing this way the damage in our DNA and the cellular aging, but also helping in prevent serious deceases like Cancer.

3) Blueberries Protect against “bad” cholesterol and heart diseases: The LDL cholesterol is single of the main markers for coronary and hearth risk, and oxidized LDL is the main step in the occurrence of heart decreases, the antioxidants in the blueberry blocks the formation of Oxidized LDL, thus preventing the hearth deceases.

4) Blueberries help Lowering Blood Pressure: They not only help to protect your hearth by stopping the bad cholesterol, they also help to lower the blood pressure due to the polyphenols, decreasing, even more, the chances of a heart attack.

5) Blueberries improve Brain function and Memory: ok, here is the thing, the cognitive decline comes from the “oxidative stress” affecting the neurons, and since this blueberries have antioxidants and help to avoid “oxidative stress”, is clear that they should help with the brain function, but, what is not so direct is that the antioxidants in the blueberries tend to go and accumulate in the memory and intelligence areas of the brain, effectively protecting them from damage, pretty specific doesn’t it?

6) Blueberries help to reduce muscle damage and might have anti-diabetic effects: The soreness that you might feel when you exercise comes from the muscle damage, but you know what else comes with that? If you guessed “oxidative stress”, you are right. And since blueberries are so good managing oxidative stress they also help with that, but, in addition to that the anthologists from the blueberries also have the capacity of improving the insulin sensitivity of the cells in the body, effectively helping to manage diabetes.

This are just some of the amazing effects that the regular consumption of blueberries have in your body, it also can help with urinary tract infections, and it has huge amounts of nutrients with very few calories, they are also delicious and can be combined with almost anything, from desserts, to different and interesting drinks.