Capsaicin peppers the green crunchy vegetable that is usually overlooked by the fact that it’s a bitter-sweet pepper and is usually used as a complimentary item in salad and other dishes.

But, as we know a good cook can turn anything into tasteful bites that it makes the people crave for more.

Today we are going to look at some of the recipes for preparing the Capsaicin in the most productive way.

Meshed Potato filled Capsaicin 

In this particular dish, we start by cutting the top of Capsaicin and taking the seeds and stuff out of it. Then a mixture of meshed potato with salt, black pepper, mint, raisins and a host of spices along with thinly sliced green chili pepper are mixed together. Capsaicin is then filled with this meshed potato on top of which, a cheese is placed. Bake the Capsaicin and serve with chilled soft drink. This recipe is healthy and a good inclusion in lunch.

Sliced Capsaicin with Mint 

A quick lunch time dilemma that can be prepared quickly for the lunch. Spices are key ingredients in this dish. Cut almost a centimeter-thick slices of Capsaicin and fill it with a meshed potato and egg mixture. With half kg of potatoes goes two whole eggs, black pepper, red pepper, mint leaves and salt. Stuff the slices with this flavorful mixture or any other type of potato mix you want to experiment with. Shallow fry and serve with some fresh mint.

Baked Mushrooms and Capsicum

Together these two form a combination that is light in taste, soothing and easy on stomach. Slice the Capsaicin and mushrooms to small pieces, add in some chicken breast pieces cut into small along with addition of cream sauce and top up with the cheese. This instant dish takes only that much time to be prepared as required for baking and that’s it. The creamy and cheesy light flavor with baked mixture makes the dish light as well as tasteful for the people on the go or looking to have a quick dinner recipe with Capsaicin.

Capsaicin Salad 

Salad is always the quickest and easiest to be prepared when you are in hurry. A salad of handful of peppers and broccoli can be prepared from a mixture of thinly sliced Capsaicin, broccoli, mint, coriander, carrots, with addition of light spices. The salad can be catered according to ones taste and could be used as a light dish at any time of the day and could even be used as a snack before bed.