In 1974, a physicist named Colin W.F. McClare conducted a study at the University of London, which showed that healing information (signals) can be carried to the body via chemical means—or carried in the form of vibration, also referred to as vibrational harmonics. McClare’s focus of inquiry was on whether the human body prefers receiving healing information through chemicals or vibration. The results of his study were astounding!

It was proven that chemicals lose 98-99% of their energy when they travel through fluid and the digestive tract in the body—and ultimately, only 1-2% of the chemical’s energy remains, and this weakens its ability to deliver the information at the intended destination. By comparison, when the healing information is sent via energy transfer (or vibration), 100% of the healing information is transferred directly to the intended destination in the body.

Furthermore, when those vibrations are transmitted to the body through the medium of light, they are delivered at the speed of light—or 186,000 miles per second.

More recently, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., a German doctor practicing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, best known for his 5-Level System of Integrative Medicine, made a startling discovery that corroborates McClare’s findings. Dr. Klinghardt was able to prove that transmitting the information of nutrients in the form of light can affect the human body in the same way as eating the nutrient!

This concept of transmitting the vibrational harmonics of nutrients to the body—without having to consume the nutrients orally or intravenously—may seem too far-fetched for the average person to believe, but the results of the following experiment on water removes all doubt.

Recently, a water company in Moody, Alabama that specializes in computerized water analysis conducted testing on the effect of harmonic frequency on water. They used sophisticated, state-of-the-art industrial equipment to test for impurities, alkalinity, and the presence of metals in the water, among other things. The object of the experiment was to find out what would happen if they took commercial bottled water (which had no traces of copper in it) and placed it beside a harmonic frequency generating device tuned to the harmonic frequency of copper. The results, which the water company expert called “mind-blowing,” showed that the harmonic frequency generator actually produced 2 ppm of physical copper in the water when there used to be none.

The implications of being able to “imprint” not just the vibration of copper, but the actual copper onto water are monumental—especially when one considers that copper has been proven to kill cold and flu viruses on contact in minutes, as well as E.coli, C.diff, VRE, Krebsiella, other superbugs and hospital-acquired infections. Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved copper for killing microbes that cause MRSA virus, which is why hospitals are now putting copper strips and other copper items on countertops and other areas to reduce the risk of infection and stop the spread of deadly diseases in medical facilities.

The results of this water test suggest that since a harmonic frequency generator could actually infuse “actual substances” in water, then it can do the same on the human body because approximately 70 percent of the human body is made up of water.

In 2006, a genius inventor named Michael Thomas developed a health device named HALO, which uses high-output violet light to carry the vibrational harmonics of botanical formulations to the human body. At the heart of the device are 18 signature botanical formulations in combinations that address every conceivable health problem. For example, Michael searched the world for what he could ascertain to be the most powerful botanical herbs (e.g., traditionally considered anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor), and extracted those substances and blended them into a single botanical formulation whose vibrational harmonics are designed to help the body heal itself of cancer.
The 405nm violet light of the HALO device infuses the vibrational frequencies into the cells of the body, and the body then takes the energy to the affected areas … resulting in immediate and often long-term positive outcomes—without side effects. Although the HALO device has been called “the most revolutionary health invention of all time,” it must be emphasized that it is not the device that heals the body, but rather, it’s the body that heals itself and creates the miracles with the help of vibrational harmonics that the HALO device infuses in the body.

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