Your skin is your body’s first line of defense. It shields your cells, tissues, DNA, and organs against environmental pollutants, free radicals, and UV radiation. It locks in essential body fluids (blood, water, and lymph). It’s the armor that protects your immune system from bacteria, infection, and disease.

But as we age, it’s also the first organ to succumb to signs of deterioration.  Age spots, wrinkles, dryness, loss of elasticity. These telltale signs of aging are the first warnings that your body is vulnerable to disease. As your skin breaks down, so does its ability to protect against radiation and oxidative stress. Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your heart, brain, lungs, and liver.  Give your skin the right TLC from the outside in, and you’ll start to feel and look better. Fewer wrinkles, soft, smooth, skin, and increased elasticity are all signs that your health is thriving. And these restorative effects are achievable at any age. The key to skin rejuvenation isn’t expensive creams made up of synthetic ingredients, or even costly and painful cosmetic procedures. They’re in Mother Nature herself.

Reverse Aging with Plant Stem Cells

Breakthrough research has shown that plant stem cells are clinically proven to extend skin cell life by protecting against sun radiation and other forms of oxidative damage.  But plant stem cells do more than just increase cell longevity;  stem cells can actually mutate into specific cells—like skin cells—thereby replacing damaged skin cells with healthy new skin cells.  This regenerative property helps to halt skin aging and restore skin to its youthful glow.

The Most Superior Plant Stem Cell of All

You’ve probably heard of green algae and blue-green algae and all the health benefits they bestow. But there’s a new algae stealing the spotlight, and its potential as an anti-aging skin savior is promising.  Red snow algae shine green in the spring when engaged in energy production. They then turn red with carotenoid pigments that protect against high levels of ultraviolet radiation as winter approaches.  Red snow algae thrive on towering snow-lined mountains and can survive freezing temperatures and UV rays that other plants cannot.  Scientists have long been fascinated by this phenomenon of “red snow,” and their research is revealing snow algae’s ability to enhance longevity, rejuvenate skin, and even repair DNA.

The Anti-Aging Enzyme

Scientists have discovered that snow algae activate two key anti-aging mechanisms that help repair DNA:  they stimulate production of the Klotho longevity gene and increase the cellular energy of the anti-aging enzyme AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase).

AMPK helps protect against aging by removing cellular debris that causes low-grade chronic inflammation and by protecting against cellular stress and oxidation.  AMPK activity tapers off as we age, but research shows snow algae helps prevent this decline.  One study revealed that snow algae increased AMPK activity by 105% in human skin cells.  Another in vitro study showed that snow algae stimulated collagen production (collagen is the protein that holds the structure of our skin together) and suppressed the activity of enzymes responsible for collagen destruction by up to 47% in human fibroblast cells.

Snow algae can survive the most brutal of temperatures and the harshest of climates, so researchers explored whether or not this remarkable botanical could impart the same benefit to human skin.  Twenty-one men and women ranging in age from 30-57 applied snow algae extract to one side of the face and a placebo extract to the other side of the face 3 times a day for 21 days.  During the second week of the study, participants stayed in the harsh climate of the Alpine mountains.  Skin was analyzed for transepidermal water loss before the study began, 14 days in, and at the 21-day end mark.  Results showed that the half of the face treated with snow algae had 12% lower water loss than the half of the face receiving the placebo.  Snow algae also reduced age spots by 67% after only 21 days!

transformation creme - red snow algae

A Revolutionary Skin Care Cream

The very first skincare product that contains a newly discovered plant stem cell extract derived from red snow algae from the Swiss Alps hails from Beverly Hills, the beauty capitol of the world no less.  But don’t worry;  this revolutionary  cream doesn’t carry a Beverly Hills price tag. But it does feature 2 additional ingredients that work synergistically with red snow algae to produce stunning anti-aging results!  In fact, a clinical trial showed that this trifecta of ingredients improved overall skin appearance and hydration in 87% of test subjects.  Click here to access the full details on how to rejuvenate your skin and heal your health from the outside in with red snow algae.