//The New Blueprint To Self Esteem

The New Blueprint To Self Esteem

Do You Believe in Yourself?

Your self-esteem- how much you like yourself, is based off the belief you have about you. Positive and thought patterns show up in your life as contributing factors to either high or low self-esteem. Not surprisingly, carrying feelings of stress, anxiety and constant self-criticism don’t simply show up in your thought process, but also show up in other areas such as our health.

Renee Cermak, author of

Renee Cermak, author of “How To Be Your Biggest Fan.”

In her soon-to-be-released book, How to Be Your Biggest Fan, self-esteem expert, personal growth facilitator and life coach Renee Cermak opens up about her knowledge on the topic of self-esteem giving tools, exercises and advice as to how we can make positive choices, every day, to raise the bar on our own self-estimate, how we feel about ourselves

An excerpt from the book specifically references connections between the level of self-esteem you have and your health,

“I believe it could be as simple as this: If you make your self-esteem your top priority, if your purpose is to like yourself, and you focus daily on doing things that enable you to like yourself more, all of the other categories will take care of themselves. Notice I did not say if you focus daily on doing things that make you happy in the moment.”

Renee believes self-esteem is not derived from the big moments in life, but rather from everyday moments, the daily grind – the things we do or don’t do, the things we say or don’t say. Though they are subtle and easy to discount, these moments add up to produce significant results, both good and bad. For example, taking actions to like yourself are very different than taking actions to make yourself happy in the moment. If you want to like yourself, you might eat a salad and go work out. If you want to be happy in the moment, you might eat a hamburger and take a nap. Taking actions to simply make yourself happy in the moment will never lead you to high self-esteem.

How to Be Your Biggest Fan is a page turning tool for every man and woman to explore to investigate why we do the things we do, the effect our level of self-esteem has on our bodies and how to improve our health through creating constant high self-esteem. Renee is a firm believer that your current results in health and wellness are a direct result of your self-esteem, meaning, when you increase your self-esteem you increase your health. Simply look at areas of your life where your physical body isn’t in the shape you’d like. What choices are you making daily in order to fuel that result? If you want to lose weight, yet you eat ice cream or cake after dinner, chip at your self-esteem and affects weight negatively.

Simply put, taking care of our physical health is a result of our beliefs about us. People with high self-esteem think about their future health. They do things in order to keep their physical body functioning properly for the future such as: taking vitamins, exercising, drinking more than enough water, and intentionally choosing food that fights disease instead of fueling it.

Boosting self-esteem is a daily practice and when related to health, produces a healthy body and positive self image. For your health and for your esteem, choose in to creating healthy daily habits that will last a lifetime— your future self thanks you.

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